ReLoved by Kerri Rickard: UPcycled/Repurposed/Re-imagined custom apparel

Welcome and thank you for checking my site out!!

About me: ReLoved by Kerri Rickard has been UPcyclying and making cool shtuff for over 25+ years now.  I started out making clothes for myself in jr. high school out of necessity since I grew up in a single parent household that was just scraping by in the 80’s.  Because I was a bigger Gen X teen-- I didn't have much of a choice where to shop for clothing and the places I could, weren't affordable to my family. We had HILLS Dept. Store, though!!  So, a sewing machine, bleach and fabric paint, became my necessary tools to recraft clothing I already owned. Plus, I needed to give my Hawaiiian shirt phase a rest. Lol. (Thanks, “Goonies.”).   Other people and friends were really digging what I was making though out the years so, I started sewing more and setting up at pop-up shows around town. Well, things took off from there!  Since I grew up traveling with family that owned and operated concession stands my need to travel is in blood!  I love meeting new folks that dig my shtuff in different areas--that's a real treat for me!!

My Mission: For over 25+ years now, (whew! I can't believe that much time has gone by!) I believe in fun and UPCYCLED fashion. Sure we all love new clothes but, aren't our favorite go-to's the worn-in clothes? They're soft, funky, have a stain here or a hole there...but we still love them. These new-to-you re-stylings are a reflection of what I love and how generations are now learning to UPcycle vintage/thrifted/donated clothing.  Doing our part to keep clothing from making their way to landfills and reducing our carbon footprint.

Since brand new apparel can be pricey--not have quite the character/quality we want, this is what I do:  I scour vintage stores far and wide or accept donations of used clothing-- then, re-purpose and up-cycle some forgotten, at-the-end-of-the-line clothing, giving them another chance to be your favorite clothes again.  So, here's to all the influencers, hipsters, and eco-conscience trend-setters. This is what I LOVE and I hope you do too. 

Each piece of my custom apparel is a one-of-a-kind.  So, just like you, it's an original. Some items are screen printed, stitched, embellished, shredded, weaved, dyed or re-purposed to give an item that was tossed aside-- new life!

I love this idea of re-purposing/upcycling and doing my part to help save the environment by making the old, pret-a-porte once again!  

If you have any specific questions regarding measurements--please feel free to ask.  

These are AS-IS items and are non-returnable nor refundable.  Thank you very much for looking!